How to exchange the shells of your Lockbox wallet?

In the last post of November we presented the new shells available to renew your wallet and today we bring you this tutorial video on how to change them! It is well known that practice makes perfection, but a few tips to get started are always welcomed, right?
First of all, empty the wallet. The silicone will be more flexible if the wallet is empty.
- Proceed to remove the shells of your Lockbox: starting from a bottom corner, twist on the silicone to make the top of the shell come out. Repeat the same on the other corner and when you have the two bottom parts of the shell out, slide ting  downward.
- Repeat the operation on the other module of the wallet.
- To insert the new shell, start by introducing the two top corners of the module without clip. Once inside, stretch from the bottom corner of the silicone to introduce the shell's corner. Now pinch the sides of the silicone to enter all of it. Repeat the process on the other side .
- For the opposite module's case, please enter first the two vertices on the same side and follow with the same process as in the previous step .
Voilà !

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