Lockbox supports climber Marco Jubes

Lockbox supports climber Marco Jubes

Do you know Marco Jubes? He is one of the top climbing players! And a “veteran” despite his youth: 17 years since he started climbing, discipline in which he has accumulated a lengthy curriculum of successes, especially in sport climbing in the specialties of difficulty and block, wining national as well as international prizes.

But the challenges of Marco go beyond the strictly competitive side, which has let him opening and climbing impossible lines all over the world.

From Lockbox we have decided to support those adventures and together with Marco we have created the Lockbox “version Marco Jubes with his personal logo, the Krokoloko, to help him financing his projects directly.
If you like this personalized version of our wallet or it simply touches you to collaborate with sportsmen/women as Marco, you can get in touch with him through his Facebook page https://es-la.facebook.com/marco.jubes or with us through www.lockbox.eu and the different accounts we have in social media!

As additional information we can say that Marco has been Catalan Champion (2005 and 2007); Spanish Champion (2008 and 2009) and is the current block Spanish sub-champion (Gijón 2014), besides so many sub-championships and podiums he has jumped on throughout his career. At international level we can also highlight important achievements in World Cups and Championships as well as international competitions (2008, 2010, 2012 and 2013).

And despite keeping being a sportsman of high level (BOE), his passion for the climbing has taken him beyond the merely competitive area and Marco has climbed in walls with names and surnames all over the world, opening lines and consolidating repetitions and releases in Jordan, Colombia, Ethiopia, China, etc. An 8c+ is a passport with perpetual visa few climbers own and that allows him looking at the most difficult walls one-to-one all over the world.

Thanks to his reputation, different media have counted with him, among them we can highlight his collaboration with the Spanish TV program “Al filo de lo imposible”

For this year Marco pretends doing his best in the high competition at national level as international. But he also wants to keep exploring the most adventure side that this sport offers and which allows him considering challenges that, everything has to be said it, only few climbers like him can imagine.

Are you with Marco?

Thanks and keep on “sporting”!!!

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