The project

Between an idea and Lockbox there are 409 words.
We summarize in a telegraphic way a story of many months of work in pursuit of an illusion.

An idea. A conversation. A "let´s quit." Or maybe not. Dialogue. An outline that presents different ways to express what we think. Another draft. A lot of sketches, drawings and papers wasted. Names. Laughter. Moments of mental drought, others of inspiration. The name that defines what we see in our minds. Yes, that one.
A web address. A profile on social networks. If we keep on going, we’d better describe some details now. An idea of the logo. Proposals and more proposals. A few are interesting, many are discarded. One that fits together and that is being improved. The logo. A slogan. 4 words that capture the essence of the project. Laughs and handshakes.

The design of the piece. Sketches and more sketches. Drawings of the piece and of each of its parts. Materials to choose from. Our industrial designer. Some meetings, many calls and a lot of e-mails. And coffees. And more coffees. We listen to advice from those who know about materials. Talks, discussions and assessments. Decisions.

Some renderings and a video of 4 seconds. More images of details, parts, corners. Many steps forwards and one back, walking backwards. Sharing the dream with people nearby. Faces of general approval and some constructive comments. We´re getting there. We have been working for a few months, but there’s still a lot to do.

The first prototypes. Days are long. Nerves, excitement and a mixture of illusion and perception of what lies ahead. New protos. Direct gazes. Smiles show a bit of the energy that has been created. A few beers.

It is time to bring theory and imagination to the tangible world. Moulds. Packaging and web design. Wait. What a long wait! Tinkering in the iron. More improvements in the moulds. And more prototypes and samples. Getting closer to what we consider ideal, but not quite. We can already touch them. Feeling the dream helps us to improve details. We do not flag. Almost there. Everything takes shape day after day.

And now the colours. It looked like we had it, but... More dialogue, afternoon coffees and the whirl of colour combinations. We appealed to coherence and common sense; they decide to appear and help us out. Things are fitting into place. Staging with the people involved. Some doubts. Arguments and faces change. Finally unanimity. Many people work with great enthusiasm. And all that energy becomes something we hold in our hands. So many experiences and this is just beginning now. Lockbox.

·The portable safety box·